Need to localize product manuals, translate medical documents, or trans-create marketing materials and cultural content? You’ve come to the right place!

CTM translation team is made up of seasoned translators and wordsmiths who come from diverse backgrounds including Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Finance & Banking, NGO, Import-Export, Investment, Marketing and PR, etc.

We take pride in crafting translation with Integrity, Compassion and Excellence, in bringing in our understanding of the subject matter, and in pursuing only the very best.

In addition, we have a unique network of experts who are frequently engaged in our QA process to ensure that the translation preserves professional insights and demonstrates contextual accuracy.

CTM connect is a proud linguistic partner of HERITAGE, the in-flight magazine of Vietnam Airlines, a sub-contractor of WeLocalize in Vietnam, and vendor of choice of World Bank, Boston Consulting Group, Bosch Vietnam, AIA, Bayer Vietnam, Deloitte, etc.