How it Works


How long does it take to confirm a translation/interpretation service?

We understand the time sensitivity in this line of work, thus our project managers and account managers are agile and highly responsive 7 days a week to cater to your timeline. Depending on the complexity of your project, and cost approval process on your end, it can take from just a few hours, or up to 48 hours to activate our service on your assignment.

How many languages can CTM Connect work with?

We are based in Vietnam, specialized in Vietnamese in pairing with 8 other languages, including 4 Western languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish), and 4 Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai).

How is a translation project handled from end to end to ensure quality?

CTM Connect implements a vigorous translation SOP with multiple QA steps to ensure accuracy of text meaning and effective expression of key messages in the target language. We uphold our core values throughout the process: Integrity: Staying true to the original content; Compassion: Understanding of the message as well as layers of meanings; and Excellence: Best quality of translation every time.

What digital platforms is CTM team familiar with?

We go where you go. Our team believes in embracing technology. Our translators work on SDL Trados Studio among several other translation management platforms; we are familiar with CAT tools, and carefully utilize them while emphasize on human touches. Our online interpreters work on Interprefy, KUDOS, Webex, Hangout, Zoom, etc… We can integrate with your content management system and work with WordPress or Joomla. We love being versatile and flexible; and are keen on projects that stretch our horizons.

How do I know if my translators/interpreters are the right fit for my project?

We are proud to have a team of professional translators and interpreters who come from diverse backgrounds, with in-depth experience in various industries. As our client, you can view our translators/interpreters’ profiles and select the best candidates for the job.

What are the rates for translation/interpretation, and what exactly do they cover?

After analyzing your requirements, we will apply a specific rate from our rate card for the service. Translation is categorized by complexity; and charged by word count. Interpretation has a range of services and rates, differing between consecutive and simultaneous, levels of the interpreters’ experience, etc.

Is there a cost-effective solution for long-term projects that require full-time translation capacity?

Yes, there is. We can offer clients a full-time interpretation/translation package, which allows you to pay a fixed monthly amount for the required number of hours (for interpretation), or total word count (for translation). This is a cost saving solution versus multiple bookings.

What are the payment terms like?

We accept credit card payment via the secured VN Pay portal, or bank transfer. There is usually an upfront deposit amount, which is discussed case-by-case; and total payment is to be made within 15 days after project completion.


Translation process


  • Send quote (reply within 3 hours)
  • Instructions from clients
  • Document classification
  • Appoint translator/editor


  • Do assigned task
  • Return Trados file, TM, final products on time


  • Consolidation
  • Review / send Review
  • Finalize translated doc.
  • Send final doc. to director for approval


  • Return translation to clients
  • Send Request for payment/ Invoice


  • Remind clients to finalize payment within 30 days.
  • Send and get feedback form
  • Send newsletters if requested