The beginning

CTM Connect was founded on February 29, 2012 by interpreter/translator Chan Duong and her associates. Our company’s original name is Chan Thien My Translation and Consulting Co., Ltd. We rebranded ourselves as CTM Connect in the beginning of 2020, embracing our mission to connect people, businesses and cultures.

“Having a special birthday, we have only celebrated 2 anniversaries in 8 years” is a favorite internal joke that we share to help keep us young at heart; and encourage our lifelong learning culture.


To become the most trusted Platform for Market Access, Localization & Internationalization in Vietnam by creating Opportunities for talents, delivering Values to Customers & Partners, and making positive impacts on the communities and society


We provide the Best Language Solutions by creating Opportunities for Talents, delivering Values to Customers & Partners, and making positive impacts on our community and society.

CTM’s core values are

CTM Connect is a strategic partner of the Saigon Community of Interpreters and Translators (SGCI-T), the first official network of interpreters and translators in Vietnam, co-founded by our Managing Director and Madame Ton Nu Thi Ninh, former Vietnam’s ambassador to the EU.


  • 2009

    Chan Duong & Partners started providing language and event planning services to World Bank’s development projects which still goes on until now

  • 2012

    Established Chan Thien My Translation & Consulting

  • 2014

    Provide translation services to the Vietnam Skill for Employment Project of Global Affairs Canada

  • 2015

    Event planning & interpretation services for SSKE Study Tour from Tanzania & Kenya to HCMC and Can Tho. Event organized by WB

  • 2018

    Partake in the VLEEP projects sponsored by USAID in terms of providing translation & interpretation services

  • 2019

    Work with MCI Group to provide services to Prudential

  • 2020

    Continue to provide translation, interpretation, and other business solution services to many partners in different industries