Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), also known as telephonic interpreting, is essentially a 3-way conference call that connect the two parties who are calling one another, and the interpreter.

OPI is a quick, confidential, and convenient way to conquer language barriers no matter where each party is located. Our Over-the-phone interpreters can operate from landlines, mobile phones, and apps.

OPI is commonly used for conversations that do not require visual aids, such as appointment settings, doctor-patient dialogues, personal interviews, and follow-up calls.

Even though CTM interpreters cannot pick up visual cues via the phone, they are extensively trained in critical listening and mental note taking, essential aspects of consecutive interpretation. Our OPI team is highly professional and able to convey the message into the target language flawlessly back and forth between two languages.

We will always pair you with a qualified interpreter who is not only an expert in your required language pair, but also highly knowledgeable in your industry’s terminology.